5 Unusual or Kitschy Free Attractions in Nashville

Nashville Tennessee is home to an extremely large and diverse collection of museums, attractions, events, and historic sites. If you’re not the sort to head straight for crowded tourist attractions or events, check out these unusual alternatives for visitors to Nashville. Some of these activities are even enjoyed by the locals, and all of them are free.

Hatch Show Print

If you have a fascination with fonts, typesetting, or vintage posters, head to Hatch Show Print, one of the oldest American letterpress shops still in existence. Still actively printing for local businesses and entertainers, they display their printing work and hundreds of posters they’ve made over the years, including vintage original Elvis posters.

Nashville Flea Market

Flea market enthusiasts simply can’t pass this one up—one of the top 10 flea markets in the United States, the Nashville Flea Market is held throughout the year, on the fourth weekend of every month (except December—check for the alternate date). Situated at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds, you’ll find a veritable treasure trove of jewelry, handmade clothing, antiques, vintage “unique”, and collectibles.

Cooter’s Place Museum

Fans of the old TV show “The Dukes of Hazzard” will be thrilled to find out that Ben Jones, the actor who played the Duke boys’ cousin Cooter on the show, runs an unusual museum dedicated to the show that holds a variety of memorabilia, including props, pictures, and costumes.

Glass Elevators

If you’re looking for something a little different than the usual tourist fare, which is free and won’t require waiting in long lines or listening to a droning museum guide, try a quick ride on the glass elevators in the Sheraton Nashville Downtown. You’ll travel up 28 stories, and have an amazing view of the shining, soaring glass and brass atrium as you descend. Over too quick? Ride it again—this attraction is free!

Vanderbilt University Campus

The campus of Vanderbilt University is located near downtown Nashville and boasts a gorgeous campus. It’s the perfect place for a romantic stroll, a picnic in the shade on a hot day, or some fantastic people-watching opportunities.

Whether you enjoy “junking” or “antiquing” at the flea market or gazing upon unusual memorabilia at Cooter’s Place, or checking out the old posters at Hatch Show Print, you’re sure to find some exotic fun and enjoy yourself. There is a lot of unique things to see and experience in Music City…and much of it is at the low, low price of free!

Updated: December 21, 2016 — 4:47 am
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